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ArxLab Custom Workflows

The ArxLab electronic lab notebook system is delivered with standard workflows that include full version control, electronic signatures and witnessing workflows to ensure compliance with 21 CFR Part 11. In some situations, particularly in GxP and other proprietary and SOP-driven workflows, customized workflows are required to maintain adherence to business process.

Data-driven Form Layouts

The ArxLab hosted electronic lab notebook (ELN) is designed to easily accommodate form elements whose content is driven by data tables managed elsewhere in the ArxLab environment. Interface components such as drop-down lists, restricted content fields driven by data tables and features specific to scientific research like unit of measure requirements can easily be extended to custom form fields. All fields that are based on existing database content are enabled with an auto-complete feature.

Integrate with laboratory inventory systems, compound registration systems or other enterprise databases to drive ELN form data. Databases managed using Arxspan Life Science Data Services are always available to drive ELN content. ArxLab ELN content linked to data in the Arxspan cloud automatically maintains referential integrity.

GxP Workflows

The ArxLab workflow engine is a robust subsystem for configuring, managing and enforcing standard operating procedures (SOPs) including common steps like instrument calibration, sample preparation, sample analysis, approval and generation of a certificate of analysis. What differentiates the ArxLab hosted electronic lab notebook is the ability to overlay and enforce these SOPs on top of the features that make the ArxLab Notebook so easy to use, including the QuickAdd dashboard widget, email and SMS text messaging.

ArxLab combines a familiar browser-based interface, next generation connectivity tools and the rigor of GxP workflow enforcement giving scientists maximum ease-of-use while enforcing regulatory compliance.

Customized Web Applications

The Arxspan private cloud is capable of hosting bespoke web applications, and Arxspan has been designing, building and hosting web applications for over 15 years. Contact us to learn how we can help deploy your next enterprise web application.

Please contact us for additional information about custom workflow development services.

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