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Data Management for Your CROs and Partners

The ArxLab cloud-based electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) platform allows companies to manage all incoming CRO work in real time: placing experimental result data into experiments, registering small molecule or biological compounds, registering assay data, or placing materials into inventory locations. ArxLab accommodates write-only, read-only, or read-write CRO access to any client information in the system, with clients variably controlling information sharing capability among scientists within a CRO as well as across CRO organizations. CROs can sign off on work completed and internal managers can review and witness this work as well as generate custom reports of some or all of the relevant data. Should a project or relationship end, CRO scientists can be removed from the ArxLab system instantaneously, with all legacy project data remaining intact and accessible by the client.

While ramping up relationships with CROs, life sciences companies find that they are struggling with having informatics architecture and process that allow for optimal management of incoming CRO data. Research data curation and exchange are bottlenecks, data quickly becomes decentralized and unsearchable, and integration with in house systems for bulk import of information is cumbersome. Receiving CRO data quickly and with higher quality and efficiency, as well as being able to effectively search and share it, are important factors in the CRO/Client partnership.

Arxspan's cloud-based , ArxLab® Notebook electronic laboratory notebook, ArxLab Registration compound registration, and ArxLab LIMS Inventory modules can facilitate data transfer and collaboration between organizations, allowing for efficient sharing of results and reducing bottlenecks of knowledge transfer. Arxspan's straight-forward, turn-key web-browser informatics solutions eliminate the IT pain of managing external CRO data.

  • Security: Companies can add or eliminate CRO employees quickly while easily selecting which project, notebooks, experiments, and compounds may be shared internally and with CROs. CRO's have no visibility into company's IT infrastructure.
  • Efficiency: Result and study data are electronically pushed to the internal electronic notebook platform, thus eliminating the time and process of manually entering relevant data.
  • Visibility: Research is easily monitored and output sent electronically, including electronic signatures and witnessing if desired.
  • Compliance: ArxLab Notebook is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and offers optional SAFE-BioPharma support.

Demonstrate a clear and competitive advantage while moving to a paperless internal environment with Arxspan's ArxLab Notebook, Registration, and Inventory modules. Try an ArxLab solution now, or contact us to learn more about the ArxLab product, volume pricing, and how we integrate with existing ELN and ERP systems.

Arxspan's ArxLab product line is a platform for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, material science, consumer goods, and food & beverage industries.
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