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ArxLab® Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

Arxspan's ArxLab Electronic Lab Notebook - ELN - is a web-based electronic lab notebook application. Its SaaS platform is intended for use in experimental sciences; it is preconfigured for chemistry and biology workflows while supporting free-form research notes and data. The software provides full audit trails, electronic signatures, witnessing workflows and sharing functionality built in. ArxLab Electronic Lab Notebook will streamline workflows, increase productivity, protect sensitive IP, and leverage existing investments without jeopardizing regulatory compliance. With its cloud-based architecture, the Electronic Lab Notebook is ideal for collaborative research environments in which laboratories are geographically separated.

Key Features:

  • Provides chemistry and biology work spaces
  • Biologists can use free form input to design experiments as well as templates
  • Chemists are supported by ChemAxonTM chemical intelligence to support calculations
  • ChemDrawTM provides native chemical drawing input functionality
  • Cross-platform operability
  • Web-based to allow secure collaboration across sites world-wide
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • SAFE-BioPharma signatures
  • Seamless integration with ArxLab Registration, ArxLab Inventory, and ArxLab Assay

Benefits of ArxLab Electronic Lab Notebook

Traditional bound paper lab notebooks can be tedious and time consuming to maintain and even harder to search, but have been deeply ingrained into scientific workflows. Migration to electronic format has proven difficult for scientists in the past. However, the advantages of electronic lab notebooks are overwhelming to meet corporate requirements and the need is to provide scientists with a usable electronic tool that feels "natural".

Electronic Lab Notebook
The ArxLab Notebook is designed to conform to work patterns familiar to users, meaning scientists will find using the ArxLab product a refreshing change from the heavyweight, complex and confusing applications that have dominated the Electronic Lab Notebook industry. The ArxLab ELN is designed to have the functionality that scientists need, and the analytical capabilities that businesses require. ArxLab is delivered using a SaaS model, with a user interface that is uncluttered, elegant and simple.

What's more, because it is cloud-delivered, the ArxLab Electroic Lab Notebook is designed for use without costly consulting engagements, complex training and even without the need to purchase and maintain an expensive IT hardware infrastructure. SaaS delivery means that the only software required for the ArxLab ELN is a standard web browser! By using an intuitive browser-based interface, ArxLab Notebook provides a full-featured user experience cross-platform on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems.

Chemists can manage and store chemical structure data since the ArxLab Notebook is fully integrated with CambridgeSoft ChemDrawTM as the familiar, industry-standard chemical drawing user experience. Biologists can use template-driven experiments or free form to develop and design new experiments. The result is an electronic notebook product that can be set up and rolled out to a user group immediately at a very low cost.

Biology and Chemistry Electronic Lab Notebook Deployment

The process of installing, configuring and deploying an Electronic Lab Notebook can be daunting, especially for a small organization or research group. For these organizations, there are fewer complex workflows, integrations with external systems or large-scale customization projects. Their core need is simply to have an electronic repository for research data that enables efficient collaboration, searchability and regulatory compliance.

Arxspan's ArxLab Electronic Lab Notebook product is designed for exactly the above scenario. The ArxLab Notebook is a simple, intuitive electronic lab notebook designed for collaborative experimental science work groups. While the simple, uncluttered user interface, easy setup and SaaS delivery model require no hardware or intensive training, under the hood the ArxLab Notebook can provide all of the complex functionality found in the leading electronic notebook applications, from data analysis to ERP integration. As an organization grows, the functionality is ready when it is needed.

The benefits are not just for smaller organizations. In this day and age of heavy reliance on CRO research, a powerful notebook is required to make scientists more efficient as well as to seamlessly upload experimental data to secure corporate information centers. The cloud-based ArxLab Notebook with Arxpsan's data security provides the perfect tool to integrate collaborative research from across the globe into a corporate data center to support searching, storing and integrating data.

Accessible and Integrated Solutions

  • As a cloud-based software solution, continuing software refinements and improvements are rolled out during announced, scheduled updates without costly local maintenance requirements.
  • ArxLab Notebook is cleanly integrated into the ArxLab product line to provide an integrated suite of tools for biologists and chemists. It also may be readily integrated with other enterprise knowledge management systems with customization.
  • Using Arxspan's SaaS hosting platform, external collaborators can securely submit data for analysis and storage.

Data Integrity and Security

  • The Arxspan private cloud is managed and monitored by a team of IT experts who have designed, deployed, maintained and supported hosted IT services for over 15 years.
  • ArxLab data is stored on multiple redundant systems in world class certified data centers and all data is transmitted using 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • Storage infrastructure is housed in the U.S.
  • Backups of data are available at any time

Try the ArxLab Notebook now, or contact us to learn more about the ArxLab product, volume pricing, and how we integrate with existing ELN and ERP systems.

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