ELN and Scientific Workflow Solutions

The Arxspan Electronic Laboratory Notebook and cloud suite of applications offer a fully integrated data management platform for collaborative research across internal and external partners.

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Arxspan Products



The Arxspan Notebook product is a cloud-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) and Workflow solution built to serve as an authoritative repository for Chemistry and Biology data...

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Arxspan Inventory is a cloud-based inventory application providing a tool set to natively define and manage inventory items such as proprietary compounds...

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Arxspan Assay is a cloud-based software tool set that can define, collect, manage, and store assay endpoint data – ideal for assay development functions as well as LTS and HTS screening...

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The Arxspan ChemReg and BioReg modules are a cloud-based solution built to serve as an authoritative repository for unique chemical and biological entities. The system handles...

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Solutions That Will Change The Way You Do Research

Easy CRO Management

Managing projects within an organization and across CROs is a challenge. Without centralized data it is even harder. A centralized request management system saves time and increases efficiency.

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Instant Deployment

A common concern about deploying an electronic lab notebook is the length of time it takes from signing a P/O to going live. Learn how to take only one day from purchase order to production.

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Time Savings

One of the biggest fears about adopting a new data management system is cost. Understand how to save money using an ELN versus an inefficient hybrid system of paper and Excel.

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Centralize Research

To optimize project management, centralized data is critical. For companies using a hybrid system of paper and Excel, data access is a challenge. Centrally manage activity for a fast track to results

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Better Collaboration

Project managers need to orchestrate all internal and external partners efficiently. Using a centralized system expedites coordination of research programs in real time, increasing productivity.

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Un-silo Your Data

When data is siloed it is a barrier to insights and trends. Accessing centralized data from across ELN, Registry, Inventory and Assay systems empowers more informed decisions.

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Paperless Labs

Concerns exist about ELN implementations (costs, IT resources etc). A cloud-based system is efficient and paperless labs maximize productivity generating significant ROI.

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Centralize Chemistry

Managing chemistry data across an enterprise is a challenge without a centralized management system. Manage workflows across synthetic, analytical, and process chemistry using Arxspan.

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Centralize Biology

Biologists face complex workflows (in vitro, in vivo, screening, assay and DMPK data), making management of data challenging. Centrally manage research without losing legacy information.

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Industries the Arxspan Platform Supports for Scientific Data Management Needs



Centralize and Virtualize R&D


Maximize Discovery and Innovation


Speed Product Development

Contract Research

Externalize Research Programs


Enable Process Improvement


Heighten Process Efficiency
Clinical Research-Circle

Clinical Research

Ensure Compliance and Improve Outcomes


Foster Cross-Sector Collaboration


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