ArxLab® Workflow

Project and Work Request Management

ArxLab Workflow is a comprehensive project and work request management system, allowing managers to make work requests and track progress of these requests, as well as of other projects and activities.

ArxLab Workflow allows users to create new work requests and to assign them to users and/or groups. The system is configurable per group, and can be set up by ArxLab Notebook administrators. Workflow allows for designation of which users or groups are allowed to: create new requests, view requests, edit requests, delete requests, and be assigned requests. The system can also manage how and when users receive notifications. Managers can submit multiple items or requirements for one request/workflow via manual entry or bulk file import. Designated users can manage and reprioritize all requests/workflows. They can also view and manage request parameters, such as appearance, status, access, and approval requirements. Field-based permissions can be set, allowing, for example, a CRO to only edit specific fields within a request; and masking rules can be set to hide proprietary information. Bulk loaded data can be edited (including structures) before a request is submitted, and items in the request/workflow queue can be reprioritized using drag-and-drop.

ArxLab® Workflow Features

  • Full table searching
  • Filter on multiple columns and values at once
  • Freeze panes for easy viewing
  • Designate metadata required in order to submit a request
  • Supports free text, drop down, number, date, and file attachment fields


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