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Introducing BioDrive - Arxspan's ELN with Molecular Biology And Chemistry Support Option

Cross functional, chemistry and biology teams can centralize and track all their biologics data and experimental processes in one system.

Import, Edit, Organize and Visualize Sequence-Based Data

Arxspan's BioDrive Add-on for the Electronic Lab Notebook is purpose-built for scientists in molecular biology and sequencing to design and execute new research projects in the multi-omics field (genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics). Arxspan's ELN BioDrive provides all of the features you expect from a dedicated, integrated Electronic Laboratory Notebook for molecular and cell biology, with the added benefit of providing both chemistry and biology functionality.

Eliminate data silos between chemistry and biology, by centralizing data
To optimize effectiveness, a centralized view and simple access to all research data is critical. Arxspan's ELN BioDrive uniquely combines all chemistry and biology data in one place without the need for third party tools. This streamlines collaboration across your cross functional scientific teams.

Remove the Headache of Unintuitive Software
Arxspan's ELN BioDrive is quick and easy to use due to its sensitively designed user interface that exceeds performance of all other Molecular Biology ELNs on the market.

Support the development of new innovative assays
Increased collaboration and decision support capabilities help scientists make the most informed decisions about which technologies and biomarker candidates should be progressed through the pipeline.


All The Features You Require, With the Ease of Use You Expect from Arxspan

Comprehensive Molecular Biology Tools in a Single Solution with Arxspan's BioDrive ELN


    • Integrated Chemistry + Biology
    • Sequencing Tools
    • Primer Design
    • and more...


Enhanced User Interface

  • Easy to use
  • Keyword, advanced, and chemical searching
  • Template creation for common protocols and experiments
  • Attachment and in-line editing for all Microsoft Office, image, and instrument files

Molecular Biology Registry


  • Centrally capture your chemistry and biology data and send it directly to the integrated registry. This captures all your therapeutic candidate data used as part of the discovery process in one place.

What The Experts Say...

"It is clear with this new product that Bruker is really taking the Molecular Biology market seriously. The Arxspan BioDrive Electronic Lab Notebook provides all the features expected, plus uniquely provides a solution that addresses that most pharmaceutical research, design and development is a hybrid of chemistry and biology". Bill Janssen, Accent

Arxspan's BioDrive ELN provides a comprehensive integrated solution for molecular and cell biology with chemistry functionality.


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