Advancing Discovery Chemistry Research

Collaboratively managing chemistry experimental data across an enterprise is a challenge without a centralized data management system. Chemists regardless of industry need to easily manage their scientific workflows across synthetic, analytical, and process chemistry.

Optimal scientific go-forward decision making is critical. Using Arxspan’s Decision Support tool, Arxspan Search, scientists can track chemical samples and cross reference experimental, inventory, registration, and assay data.

The integrated suite of modules in the Arxspan system allows an organization to centrally manage its chemical samples and products, assay results, and experimental procedures.

Arxspan Registration: authoritative repository for unique chemical entities

  • Create a robust database of chemical products across the organization with push button registration of compounds
  • Perform push button registration of chemicals from synthetic reactions in experiments
  • Bulk register large numbers of compounds together

Arxspan Inventory: Powerful Chemical Supply Management

  • Easily track experimental samples across all locations, manage lifecycles, and link chemical compounds
  • Document usage of chemicals in synthetic reactions in experiments
  • Place final synthesized products in experiments into inventory containers and locations

Arxspan Assay: Chemistry Data Management

  • Log compound screening data
  • Request and manage a range of experiments
  • Publish assay data
  • Link data to experiments

The Arxspan system allows an organisation to centrally manage its research while not losing any legacy information. Arxspan propels your research forward and makes sure the best decisions are made to advance your research.

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