Launch Event: Molecular Biology Support Now Available In Arxspan's BioDrive ELN.

Fireside Chat with Co-Founder and COO Jeff Carter and Adham Chebbani Enterprise SaaS Sales Manager

Webinar Length: 1hr

Date: TBC
Time: 11 AM EST
Host: Arxspan

Attend this webinar to learn about Arxspan's integrated multi-disciplinary electronic lab notebook BioDrive. BioDrive allows you to import, edit, organize, and visualize sequence-based data. The webinar will cover how cross functional research teams can now centralize and track all their biologics data and experimental processes in one system, without the need for third party tools.

We will cover how:

  • To eliminate data silos between chemistry and biology, by centralizing data
  • The new product supports the development of new innovative assays

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Jeff Carter

Co-founder and COO Arxspan
Adham Chebbani

Adham Chebbani

Enterprise SaaS Sales Manager

Arxspan's Electronic Lab Notebook's (ELN) embedded BioDrive equips scientists with the functionality they need to execute molecular biology and sequencing research projects in the multi-omics fields (genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomic).

Arxspan's BioDrive ELN provides a comprehensive integrated solution for molecular and cell biology with chemistry functionality.

Speaker Details

Jeff Carter, Co-founder and COO Arxspan

As COO, Jeff oversees commercial and operational functions at Arxspan. He has nearly twenty years of experience in scientific informatics and cloud computing, including more than ten years of software development experience.

Prior to joining Arxspan, Jeff various technical and commercial positions at CambridgeSoft, a provider of chemical informatics software products and Jeff has a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Speaker Details

Adham Chebbani, Enterprise SaaS Sales Manager

As a formally trained chemist, Adham has had experience in the lab working specifically in GC/MS analysis and compound characterization. After working in the industry for several years, he decided that he would try his hand at something a bit more people-oriented, so he transitioned into a technical sales role in the medical device and software field. Coupling his technical experience with his innate skill of relationship building, he was able to succeed and excel in his role, achieving top sales rep for 3 years in a row.

He quickly learned that it was the complexity and challenge of technical sales that he enjoyed most.

Adham builds his relationships around a consultative approach, making himself very accessible to his customers.

In his spare time, Adham enjoys carpentry, cooking, motorsports, and weightlifting. In addition to that, Adham can speak Arabic, Italian, and Spanish.